Why Choose This Florida Alpaca Farm?

WHY BUY FROM FUNNY FARM ALPACAS?  Funny Farm Alpacas is a Florida Alpaca Farm located in Lecanto, Florida specializes in training the new alpaca owner in alpaca grooming, alpaca medical, alpaca breeding, alpaca birthing, etc. Funny Farm Alpacas will also assist you in laying out your farm, pens, pastures and sheds. Funny Farm Alpacas has wonderful clean facilities with many cool sheds with fans, plenty of shade from lots of wooded area, self waterers, sprinklers for alpacas to cool off in and lots of lush green grass for agisting your animals until you are ready to move them to your farm. Great facilities for Florida Alpacas!!! Lots and Lots of TLC at Funny Farm Alpacas!!! Funny Farm Alpacas sells individual alpacas and packages of 2 or more. Ask about purchasing Funny Farm Alpacas' entire Huacaya Herd. Funny Farm Alpacas will even customize a package for you to meet your needs. This can be done easily as we have alpacas at all different price points. Funny Farm Alpacas guarantees girl breedings on Select Alpacas and Select Packages.   Alpaca OrganizationsI fell in love with alpacas a little more than a year ago and started looking for property and visiting alpaca farms to establish a farm and secure animals.  I visited many farms and purchased from several different ones. I have to tell you that the folks who raise alpacas are a special breed and all are willing to help any new breeders, but I wanted to comment on the help provided by Funny Farm Alpacas as I feel they have gone above and beyond. I got my first alpacas delivered to my ranch the beginning of September 2013 and Bob and Peggy have always been there to support and provide information.  They always respond quickly to any questions or concerns of this novice breeder.  No question goes unanswered.  If I have a concern I can always count on my call being answered and they are quick to put my mind at ease or tell me what should be done.  It is still a learning experience and there is a lot to learn.  I take baby steps and they have been there to walk me through each new challenge.  So if you are looking to get into this great alpaca adventure and may need some hand holding to get you started I would highly recommend Funny Farm Alpacas. Their help and guidance is priceless and they truly care about the animals, stand by their word and their animals, and will stand by you to help you make your farm or ranch a success. 

Nancy Plyler

Alpacadoozie Ranch

Orange City, FL 32763