Our Alpaca Services

Here are some of the services offered here at Funny Farm Alpacas:

  • Knowledgeable, experienced breeders you can trust
  • Clean, secure facilities and manicured pastures on our farm
  • Full reproductive guarantees
  • Reliable before and after sale support
  • Boarding services for alpacas purchased from us
  • Financing packages for alpaca buyers

Alpaca Agistment Services

For people who want to invest in alpacas now but who don’t own a farm or don’t have the time to manage their own herd, we offer a full range of agistment services. For clients who purchase from Funny Farm Alpacas in Lecanto,Florida, we will gladly board your alpacas and provide them with the same standard of daily care, feeding, and veterinarian services that we provide our own alpacas. This will afford you the opportunity to reap the investment growth benefit and pleasure of alpaca ownership without the personal time loss. Contact us and we will gladly work out an ownership program that best suits your personal life style and time profile. Come see for yourself what superior genetics, reliable support and a full-service Florida Alpaca farm can mean for you. When you visit us, you’ll understand how trust and quality can make all the difference in a lifestyle change you can keep.